Phone Repair

Samsung S3 Charging Port Repair

Here is a severely corroded charging port for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Pads were severed and needed jumper

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iPhone 6s Backlight Repair

This is a common repair for the iPhone 6s from other repair shops. You can see the solder

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iPhone 6 Backlight Filter Repair

A shorted iPhone 6 backlight is usually caused by poor installation of the new display. Either the battery

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iPhone 5s Zebra Line

This issue is solved by reflowing the U3 IC

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LG G3 Sim Reader Replacement

This is a common repair for the LG G3. Very difficult solder work because of the many anchor

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iPhone 6 Liquid Damage Data Recovery

This iPhone came in unresponsive due to contact with liquid. The board had corrosion on capacitor C5202_RF which

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